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M15-FL30 300

M15-FL30 300 Linear Floodlight

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Lamp body cover with high purity 6063 aluminum profile, through the hot extrusion process molding, high thermal conductivity, can effectively reduce the LED light decline, prolong the life of the whole lamp. Luminaire surface treatment using oxidation treatment, exquisite appearance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and a variety of colors to choose. The optics is composed of self-developed lens and anti-glare cylinder, At the same time, this series can match the mainstream intelligent dimming systems on the market, such as DALI, 0-10V, Doodle Zigbee, Bluetooth, Mijia, etc. Whether in museums,exhibitions,art galleries,showrooms residences and commercial applications.

Number: M15-FL30 300

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  • Product Description
  • Product name: 300 linear floodlight roduct mode: M15-FL30
    Structure parameters Overall dimensions: 300*15*11.2mm Electricity Parameter LED Mode: SMD
    Dimension: / LED Number:  
    Main materials: +Aluminum Luminous Flux: 600-750L
    Weight: 58 CRI: ≥90
    Electricity Parameter Input Voltage: 48V CCT: 3000K
    Input Current: 0.063 Average Illumination:  
    Operation Frequency: 50-60 Hz Other Lighting Angle: 110°
    Rated Power: 6W Life Span: ≥50000 hors
    PF: ≥0.87 Package Size:  
    Power supply Efficiency: ≥0.85 PS  




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